hopsin-picIn an era of hip-hop culture dominated by superficial greed and materialism its refreshing to hear artists who stray from the norm. Too much ‘rap’ music these days feature artists rapping about their exotic cars, big houses, extravagant parties (which your album, ticket and merchandise purchases pay for) as if they have these things because they are such great rap artists. What makes them such great artists? Them bragging about everything they have because you support them as a fan? There is too much rap music these days passed off as ‘good music’ simply because there are rhyming words with a catchy beat. Sure there are still mainstream rap artists who rap about controversial issues and attempt to get the listener to think, but they seem to be the exception rather than the norm.That’s why I was pleasantly surprised one day when I was playing beer pong with a buddy of mine and he asks to put some music on the computer. What I heard then was one of the realest rap artists I’ve heard to come along in years. (more…)