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The fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series set to be released on September 17th aims to push the series to new heights. Players in Grand Theft Auto V are not just confined to one large city. Rockstar Games has created the largest world of any Grand Theft Auto game for gamers to explore. A land which includes mountain, wilderness, beaches in addition to the active and living city of Los Santos.


Weapons and vehicles can both be customized in various ways. Aside from cosmetic modifications to your car like new wheels, paint, tint and body kits you can also add items like roll bars and bullet proof tires. Guns can be upgraded with grips for accuracy, larger ammo clips, flashlights, scopes and suppressors.


Grand Theft Auto V features three main characters, each with their own story. Some of the missions have you working solo, while in others you play two or all three of the characters.


A large number of vehicles will be included in the game. Along with the usual cars, trucks and bikes there will also be planes, helicopters, Jet Skis and ATVs.


As you can see in the screenshots and this video, this game looks absolutely amazing.

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