Favela Painting


Dutch artists Haas & Hahn (Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn) have undertaken an ambitious street art project to paint an entire favela in Brazil. Their work began in 2005 in Vila Cruzeiro when they painted Boy With Kite

boy-with-kite (more…)

Anh Pham 3D Graffiti


graffiti-4Anh Pham aka DJ SouRay is a DJ and graphic aritst from Melbourne Australia. The wildstyle graffiti he creates is well suited to the third dimension with angles and layers that pop out at the viewer. Some of his work like “Alien” and “Sketch” have a good amount of detail. (more…)

Extreme Machines: 6 Extreme Vehicles


kuratasEver dream of piloting a giant robot like in the video games and Japanese cartoons? For a mere $1.3 million you can buy a custom mech built to order called the Kuratas built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries. (more…)

I Am Legion


i-am-legionI Am Legion is a collaboration between the British hip-hop/dubstep group Foreign Beggars and the Dutch electro trio Noisia. After recently releasing their self titled first album, I Am Legion is now currently touring Europe. (more…)

Street Artist: Smug


smug8Smug is an Australian born street artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Like many other street artists Smug started as a kid doing graffiti. Now using spray paint he creates very realistic often humorous murals, sometimes featuring famous characters. (more…)

Lost in Translation: Top 10 funny sign translations


hand-grenadeThere are signs all around us. They tell us what we can and can’t do, what options we have, where to go and where not to go, what there is to eat and more. But since we all don’t speak the same language we sometimes need to translate them for others to understand. Languages can be vastly different and if the person doing the translation isn’t fluent in both languages the results can be not only confusing, but also hilarious. Check out these 10 funny translated signs. (more…)

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