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30 Shots


Labor day weekend is here which means summer is almost over. Perfect time for a party then, but what to drink? I can say from experience that the snake bite is strong and sweet. It also has a strange side effect in which the words “there’s a snake in my boot” come out of my mouth before the shot goes in. Here’s 30 different shots of liquor to try which should make your weekend more interesting. (more…)

Hip Hop’s Wake Up Call


kendrick-lamarKendrick Lamar stirred up a hornets nest of rap artists last week in New York when he and Big Sean dropped Control (HOF) on HOT 97.1. (more…)

Virtual Reality Prime Time


oculus-riftVirtual Reality has long been a vision of the future for video games and for a long time it’s been just too expensive for mass market. I remember in the 90’s walking into a virtual reality arcade and played the game Dactyl Nightmares on a $65,000 Virtuality machine where players would stand on a pod like platform which would detect which direction the player was facing. The modern version of the headset, the Visette 45 is still quite expensive. (more…)

Street Artist: David Walker


david-walker-slideAs an artist David Walker’s first job was creating t-shirt designs for The Prodigy, in fact that was his first job ever. Eventually Walker would start his own street wear brand called “Subsurface”. Now working as a street artist in London his work has been shown internationally and he has done shows both solo and as a member of the Scrawl Collective, a loosely based collection of artists with different styles and practices. (more…)

The Athlete Machine


klugeIn 2012 Red Bull Teamed up with Syyn Labs to create a massive Rube Goldberg machine. It took 17 days to complete with over 100 people putting in 3500 hours of work constructing the “Kluge” (German for clever) from over 25 tons of materials. Once completed 11 pro athletes put the machine in motion. (more…)

Absinthe: Fact vs Fiction


absintheBy 2007 Absinth was once again being sold in the United States. After nearly a century of being banned by many countries in the world it’s been making a comeback. Now absinthe is once again readily available in the U.S. and Europe, but many of the misconceptions of absinthe still persist compounded by the many different varieties. (more…)

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