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oculus-riftVirtual Reality has long been a vision of the future for video games and for a long time it’s been just too expensive for mass market. I remember in the 90’s walking into a virtual reality arcade and played the game Dactyl Nightmares on a $65,000 Virtuality machine where players would stand on a pod like platform which would detect which direction the player was facing. The modern version of the headset, the Visette 45 is still quite expensive.

It seems we are reaching a turning point in technology. With recent advancements in OLED display technology high resolution screens are getting smaller and less expensive to produce. Virtual reality won’t just be limited to video games either, augmented reality is already available with products like the GPS enabled Oakley Airwave.

Google glass is a wearable computer display and can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth. Take pictures and video of what you see, look at maps and more. You can check text messages and email and have text to speech software read them read to you, and you can even respond by talking using voice recognition technology.

The Sony HMZ-T1 allows viewers to watch movies and play video games in high definition (720) 3D video. Unfortunately it’s no longer available and Sony has no plans to bring the HMZ-T2 to the US.

But the real game changer in this list is the Oculus Rift. There is no official release date for the Oculus Rift as of yet but the target price of $300 would make this one by far the most affordable 3D stereoscopic display. Add to that the enthusiastic support of game developers and it’s sure to be an instant success.

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