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david-walker-slideAs an artist David Walkerís first job was creating t-shirt designs for The Prodigy, in fact that was his first job ever. Eventually Walker would start his own street wear brand called “Subsurface”. Now working as a street artist in London his work has been shown internationally and he has done shows both solo and as a member of the Scrawl Collective, a loosely based collection of artists with different styles and practices.

Walker is strict about not using brushes, all of his paintings are exclusively done in multiple layers of spray paint and the subjects of his paintings are complete strangers. “I donít know them at all. I like that theyíve never met me and they donít know theyíre being painted. I use found photography, old magazines, the web, snapshots, anything thatís not staged by me. The fact that the subjects are unknown also allows people to make up there own narrative to the portraits.”

The first picture below is one of his favorite. When asked which piece he is most proud of he said he wanted to throw this one off the fire escape at least 10 times but it finally came together just before being delivered to show, adding “Itís not been easy between me and her.”






More of David Walker’s work can be seen at his website.

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