RIP King Robbo


King Robbo, street artist from London, passed away on July 31st, 2014 from health complications related to a head injury believed to be the result of an accidental fall in 2011 in which he was placed in an induced coma.

King Robbo was famous for his works of graffiti in the city of London where he was one of the original graffiti artists, and also his feud with the street artist Banksy, in which the two often painted over each others works.


Favela Painting


Dutch artists Haas & Hahn (Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn) have undertaken an ambitious street art project to paint an entire favela in Brazil. Their work began in 2005 in Vila Cruzeiro when they painted Boy With Kite

boy-with-kite (more…)

Anh Pham 3D Graffiti


graffiti-4Anh Pham aka DJ SouRay is a DJ and graphic aritst from Melbourne Australia. The wildstyle graffiti he creates is well suited to the third dimension with angles and layers that pop out at the viewer. Some of his work like “Alien” and “Sketch” have a good amount of detail. (more…)

Street Artist: Smug


smug8Smug is an Australian born street artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Like many other street artists Smug started as a kid doing graffiti. Now using spray paint he creates very realistic often humorous murals, sometimes featuring famous characters. (more…)

50th Anniversary of the Lava Lamp


Images courtesy of Anthony Vos.

While having a pint at Queen’s Head pub in England, Edward Craven Walker inspired by an oil and water-based egg timer, invented a cultural icon known as the Lava Lamp in 1963. Two years later at a trade show in Brussels Adolph Wertheimer and his business partner William M. Rubinstein bought the rights to manufacture and sell it in the US as the “Lava Lite”. (more…)

Street Artist: David Walker


david-walker-slideAs an artist David Walker’s first job was creating t-shirt designs for The Prodigy, in fact that was his first job ever. Eventually Walker would start his own street wear brand called “Subsurface”. Now working as a street artist in London his work has been shown internationally and he has done shows both solo and as a member of the Scrawl Collective, a loosely based collection of artists with different styles and practices. (more…)

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